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Where are you located?

You’ll find us at 2713 Ira E Woods Ave, Grapevine, TX 76051. Right next to Grapevine / Colleyville Schools practice fields and 1/2 mile from Southlake Stadium. We’re a great option for the storage needs of anyone near Southlake, Grapevine, Trophy Club, Westlake, Colleyville, Bedford or the surrounding communities.


What time is your office open?

We’re open every day of the week for your convenience. We hold office hours from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. On Friday, we’re open from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm, and we’re open from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm on Sundays.


I don't have time to stop by, can I still rent from 1st Choice Storage?

Just contact us. We can quickly email a rental agreement that can be E-Signed, so you can focus on your move without wasting any time. 


What are your access hours?

You can access your unit from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm any day of the week using your specific code through the access controlled gate. 


What are the benefits of climate control?

Climate control is a great way to protect your belongings from a broad range of damages that can be caused by the Texas heat. It keeps your unit within a stable temperature range that will help you avoid damages like rust, mildew, mold, cracking warping, melting, and more. It is useful to protect your pictures, furniture, bedding and especially electronics. Climate control also makes moving and organizing your belongings much more comfortable while you are working inside your unit. The interior hallway gives customers the ability to organize outside of the elements. 


Do you offer vehicle storage?

We sure do! We offer both covered and uncovered parking options for your car, truck, RV, boat, or other vehicle storage needs.


Is your facility secure?

We take every measure that we can to keep our property as secure as we can. That’s why we have an on-site resident manager to keep watch over our property. Additionally, we use surveillance cameras to keep track of all activity, and we require coded entry at our access controlled gate. Only our renters can visit our property.


Can I rent a moving truck from your facility?

You sure can! Contact us for details. When you choose to rent a storage unit at 1st Choice Stadium Storage, you will receive the added benefit of using our rental truck free of rental charge as you move into your unit. We also rent trucks at very competitive prices, starting at $19.99 to help you move your belongings at any time. 


What's drive-up access?

Drive-up access allows you to pull your vehicle right up to the door of your storage unit to make moving your items into your unit as easy as possible. This ground floor convenience saves a lot of time when you are moving in and out. Movers often double the price of a move when an elevator is involved as it really slows them down. 


How do I know what unit size is right for me?

Our storage calculator can help you with this. It provides an instant estimate of how much storage space you need. Or come take a tour with us and our expert storage manager will guide you through special packing tips to save you space and money $.


What's the best way to get started?

You can stop by during our office hours and rent a unit from our office any time during our office hours. Additionally, just contact us. We’ll help you choose and reserve your unit.



1. What kind of documentation do I need to rent a unit? 

A valid driver’s license or federal ID with picture is required to lease a unit.


2. What kind of documentation do I need if I am storing a boat or vehicle? 

A valid driver’s license or federal ID with picture is required to lease a unit. To store the vehicle we will need some information on the vehicle such as make, model, VIN #, License Plate # and expiration, and the insurance provider and policy #.


3. What kind of documentation do I need if to rent your trucks?

A valid driver’s license for all drivers and a copy of your current insurance card to verify insurance.


4. Is there a deposit required to rent your trucks?

We require a $100 deposit from our storage customers that is refunded immediately upon returning the truck. Non-storage customers also must provide a deposit that is based on the estimated cost and mileage of your rental.


5. Can I buy boxes and other packing products from 1st Choice Stadium Storage?

Yes. 1st Choice Stadium Storage offers a wide variety of boxes and packing supplies. Check the Boxes and Moving Supplies page for more information.


6. How long will it take to complete my transaction on move-in day?

The entire move-in process should take less than 15 minutes.  Please keep in mind that this time could vary depending on whether there are other customers ahead of you when you arrive.  Mornings are usually the slowest period of the day while afternoons are busier.


7. What does "on-site" manager mean? 

"On-site" manager means that an employee, usually the Store Manager, has an apartment on-site as part of the facility.


8. Do you have surveillance cameras?

Yes. 1st Choice Stadium Storage uses surveillance cameras as a security measure. Cameras are generally located at the point of entry and exit and other areas around the facility that cover the entire property.  Our comprehensive security measures include 24-hour color surveillance cameras with night-vision that are digitally recorded, automatic lighting in all hallways, and additional outdoor lighting in public access areas.


9. Can anybody drive onto this property or do you need a PIN number?

1st Choice Stadium Storage has an electronic access controlled gate system, which can only be opened by a security code that is assigned to each individual tenant. The code allows us to monitor who is entering and exiting the facility. All entries are recorded and logged so that our on-site managers know who has visited the facility.


10. Do you have your own movers? 

While we do not offer moving services, we do have a company that we often refer to. There are also a variety of movers available in our area.  Check the yellow pages under the heading "movers" for a complete list.


11. What is climate control? 

Climate control is a feature that we offer. This feature helps protect your stored belongings from the extreme temperatures. Climate Controlled Storage is kept at a temperature between 50 to 80 degrees year-round by using air conditioning or heating, depending on the time of the year. Each space has an air duct to ensure the unit is maintained at the correct temperature. Interior Units allow you the possibility to access and organize your belongings without ever dealing with the outside elements. All of our Climate Controlled units are on the first floor.


12. Do I get a lock when I rent a unit?

You can purchase a new lock at 1st Choice Stadium Storage. We recommend disc locks to ensure the highest level of security.


13. Do you offer RV/boat/car/motorcycle parking?

1st Choice Stadium Storage offers parking for RVs, boats, cars, trailers and motorcycles.


14. What is a drive-up unit?

A drive-up unit is an outside unit, located on the first floor of a facility, which gives you the ability to load your belongings directly from a vehicle or truck.


15. What's the difference between office hours and gate hours?

The office hours are the hours of operation for the property. During these hours the Store Manager will be available to assist you with your storage needs or moving and packing supplies. The gate hours are the hours of the property, and when your unit can be accessed.


16. What kind of security do you have?

1st Choice Stadium Storage takes great pride in protecting your belongings and strives to provide state-of-the-art security. We feature electronic access controlled gate with coded access, monitored video surveillance, fenced and well-lit facilities, and personal locks available for purchase.


17. What are the payment terms?

1st Choice Stadium Storage strives to make your storage experience as seamless as possible, including paying your bill. Typically, our leases are month-to-month but we also offer the flexibility of long-term leases. We offer AutoPay or send monthly invoices. We can automatically charge your MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express each month.


18. Do you accept credit cards?

We accept several different major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express.


19. What sizes are available and how do I pick my size?

We offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate your needs. Sizes range from 5x5, or 25 square feet, to 12x30, or 360 square feet. Determining the right size is easy with the help of our Store Managers who are trained to assist you in this process.